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  • You are not to use Legends of PC artwork for ANY  merchandise at all, that includes Non-profit or for personal use, without our express written permission.

  • Any commissioned artworks are for commissioner use only. Commercial distribution and usage is prohibited without my express written permission. Legends of PC work is not to be altered or modified without my express written permission.

  • Legends of PC maintain rights to use any artwork we make, including commissions. This means that I may use it for my own personal reasons, such as advertising/etc, however Legends of PC will NEVER resell any piece commissioned from us.

  • Perpetual, Commercial, and Licensing rights may be purchased (Contact for inquiries)

  • Any violation of terms of service will be grounds  turn down/terminate the commission.

  • IF you cannot be reached the week of your commission, it will be cancelled.

  • I maintain the right to turn down any commission

  • Commissioning Legends of PC, this means you have agreed to all of my terms and conditions and will follow by them.

Payment Info

  • Payment must be through paypal in USD

  • Payment is due before any work is done. This includes before sketches. Once details are worked out and it is the week of your commission we will walk you through your total price and how to pay.

  • All major changes to the commissioned piece must be done in the sketching phase. Once I begin to finalize the piece I will only allow minor changes or will charge a fee to cover major changes.

  • Prices are NON-NEGOTIABLE

  • Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE once we start working on your commission. If you cancel the commission once we have started on sketches you will receive a 50% discount, however if we start finalizing the piece there is NO REFUND!

What we won’t produce

  • Mechas/Mechs

  • Nudity/overly graphic pieces

  • Over-complicated armor

  • Copies of someone else’s art ( I will take any references you give, but I cannot and will not copy someone else’s piece.

Discord for Support

  • Contact for Technical Support

  • Manage any purchases

  • Place to make Revisions and Drafts